Rental conditions

The following conditions of hire are an integral part of this rental contract:


With these General Conditions, 3SIXTY sells and the CUSTOMER remotely purchases the booking of rental sport equipment indicated and described on the website (referred to as the "Site") The contract is concluded exclusively through the internet as the CUSTOMER accesses to the website address and the creation of a booking of rental sport equipment (referred to as "Booking") according to the procedure provided by the Site itself. Rental and collection of the rental equipment booked on the Site takes place exclusively at the shop. The CUSTOMER undertakes to read, before proceeding to confirm his own order, these General Conditions, in particular the pre-contractual information provided by 3sixty and accepts them by affixing a flag in the indicated box.


The CUSTOMER, before the conclusion of the booking of the rental of sport equipment, reads the agreement and examines the characteristics of the products that are illustrated in the individual product description at the time of the CUSTOMER's choice. Before the validation of the reservation with "payment obligation", the CUSTOMER is informed about: total price of the booking of the rental sport equipment; total price of the rental sport equipment including taxes; payment methods;


The sport equipment proposed for booking is described on the Site. On the Site there are only some categories of sport equipment proposed and not a specific article. The CUSTOMER selects and books a category of sport equipment, not a specific item. Examples of sport equipment are published purely for example and have no contractual value. The availability of sport equipment refers to the actual availability at the moment in which the CUSTOMER makes the booking. Such availability must however be considered purely indicative as sport equipment could be booked by other CUSTOMERS before confirming the booking, for effect of the simultaneous presence on the Site by multiple users; this could occur a computer anomaly and make products available for booking that may actually not be available. The CUSTOMER will be notified by e-mail of any changes.


All booking and rental prices for sport equipment published on the Site are expressed in Euros and include VAT. Prices are determined on the basis of the following parameters: category of sport equipment booked; period chosen for the rental; rental reservation date.


During the duration of the contract it is always possible to replace the rented material. The replacement is also possible with materials of different categories, types and values, with charge of the difference even for the same value. In the event of a computer, manual, technical, or any other kind of error that may occur involving a substantial change, not foreseen by 3SIXTY, the price of booking or rental of sport equipment, which makes it exorbitant or clearly derisory, the booking order will be considered invalid and canceled and the amount paid by the CUSTOMER will be refunded within 14 days from the day of cancellation.


The CUSTOMER may request the modification of an already registered rental reservation, only if related to the category or size of the sport equipment booked. All changes of category and/or size of the sport equipment booked are exclusive competence of the 3SIXTY shop to which the CLIENT's booking is addressed. For all changes of category and/or size of sport equipment, the CUSTOMER will contact the 3SIXTY store directly, which will manage and process the request of modification only if the product requested by the CUSTOMER is available in the store. It is not possible to add an item to a reservation already registered on the Site. If the CUSTOMER wishes to book a larger quantity of items, he/she will have to proceed with a new Reservation. The deletion of an item from an already registered booking made after the deadline of 24 hours from the date of collection, will be considered as a cancellation and the amount paid for the sport equipment will be retained by way of penitential deposit.


For the reservation of the rental of sport equipment, the CUSTOMER pays 3sixty, the total rental cost .. The reservation will be registered only after the payment of the relative cost has been made. Following receipt of the payment of the reservation cost, 3sixty will send to the CUSTOMER an email confirming the booking. Any payment by the CUSTOMER can only be made by credit cards indicated on the website, by bank transfer and payment method PayPal.


The booking contract of rental sport equipment is considered concluded with 3sixty sending to the CUSTOMER an e-mail confirming the booking. The e-mail contains the CUSTOMER data, the booking order number, the details of the sport equipment booked, the duration of the rental, the total rental price, the price of the rental reservation paid, the CUSTOMER undertakes to verify the correctness of personal data contained in the above email and to communicate promptly to 3sixty any corrections/changes to be made. 3sixty undertakes to describe and present the items booked on the Site in the best possible way. Nevertheless, some errors, inaccuracies or small errors may emerge between the product depicted on the Site and the actual product. In addition, the photographs of products presented on do not constitute a contractual element, as from consider themselves representative only.


Sport equipment booked on the Site must be collected at the 3sixty shop, the CUSTOMER can collect the sport equipment booked on the Site: in the presence of the e-mail confirming the registration of the reservation and a valid identification document; starting from 5.00 pm on the day before the first rental day indicated in the email confirmation that the booking has been taken over, and that the equipment booked is available and in a condition to be picked up; Any type of adjustment of the hired sport equipment will be carried out exclusively from the shop.
The CUSTOMER is fully responsible for the truthfulness of the data provided during the adjustment of the safety bindings (age, weight, height, foot size, level and type of skiing). The safety bindings are regulated according to the ISO regulation 11088, using the information provided by the customer. In case of tampering with the adjustment made at the time of delivery of the equipment, by non- authorized people, the 3sixty declines from any responsibility. The 3sixty shop may also ask the CUSTOMER to pay a deposit of the amount equal to the public sale price of the rental sport equipment. The CUSTOMER is required to notify the 3sixty shop in case of delay of collection of the sport equipment booked. The 3sixty shop is committed to keeping the sport equipment booked by the CUSTOMER on the Site until 4.00 pm of the first rental day indicated on the booking confirmation email, if the booking is referring to a rental of several days. After the above deadline, the reservation will be considered void and the CUSTOMER will lose the benefit of his reservation, with no refund. The duration of the rental is indicated in the rental agreement and starts from the moment in which the CUSTOMER takes possession of the sport equipment booked and ceases automatically on the date and time shown on the rental agreement. The CUSTOMER must return the rented sport equipment by 7.00 pm of the last rental day indicated on the contract. In the event that the CUSTOMER returns the equipment after 09.00 of the following day, the CUSTOMER will be required to pay the shop a penalty of an amount corresponding to the rate of daily rental displayed in the shop. The hired sport equipment must be returned to the 3sixty shop, during the opening hours to the public. Failure return of the sport equipment will be considered as embezzlement, with application of the criminal sanctions provided by art. 646 criminal code, without the CUSTOMER can invoke any impediment.


The CUSTOMER assumes all responsibility for the suitability of the hired sport equipment and undertakes their own and in account for others that hired the sport equipment and is used, according to the instructions for use, with caution, without danger to third parties, in accordance with the regulations in force and that it is not sold, subleased and/or lent to third parties. The hired sport equipment cannot be transferred, subleased or given as a guarantee.


The CUSTOMER is responsible for the custody of the sport equipment rented by the moment in which he takes possession and until it is returned. The CUSTOMER is considered the one and only responsible in case of damage, theft, loss of the hired sport equipment, whatever the reason and/or cause. In the event that the CUSTOMER does not return all or part of the sport equipment rented, he will be required to pay the 3sixty shop, in addition to the rental cost, the sum corresponding to the retail price of the non-returned sport equipment. In the event of theft of the hired sport equipment, the CUSTOMER must file a complaint with the competent authorities and immediately notify the shop 3sixty. The CUSTOMER must report any reservations on the state of the sport equipment rented from the 3sixty store at the time it is taken over; this reserve will be included in the rental agreement at the time of signature. They will be accepted only complaints reported at the time of collection of the equipment. Sport equipment is numbered and marked and must be returned with the same number and mark. The CUSTOMER undertakes to return the equipment clean and in the state in which it was at the time of collection, except for deterioration due to normal wear or to a non-apparent defect that alone caused the deterioration of the equipment, and that any related burden of proof remains a charged to the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER is responsible for any damage of the sport equipment, whatever the cause. Under this responsibility, the CUSTOMER will be required to pay the 3sixty shop the costs of repair of the equipment or its complete replacement. Any repair will be made exclusively by the 3sixty shop, thus remaining excluded every right of the CUSTOMER to take action for the repair and relieving 3sixty from any refund title, in the event that the customer fails to comply with the provisions. Any refund determined pursuant to this article, will be due by the CUSTOMER, in addition to the cost of the rental. The CUSTOMER undertakes to pay this refund at the time of return of hired sport equipment.


The CUSTOMER has the option to withdraw from the purchase of the rental reservation until 24 hours prior the date scheduled for the collection of the equipment booked, paying a practical management cost equal to 30% of the total rental amount. In case of withdrawal due to force majeure (for example:, war, threat of war, terrorist activity e its consequences or the threat of such activity, riot, act of any government or other national or local authority, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions and anything that does not directly depend on our control) there is no refund. Taking delivery of the sport equipment will be valid for all purposes as a waiver to exercise the right of withdrawal. The CUSTOMER who intends to exercise the right of withdrawal must notify 3sixty per registered e-mail and will take effect the day it is received. Proof of submission is not a proof of receipt; therefore, we recommend that you confirm all changes by telephone, making sure you have received written confirmation of the requested changes. 3sixty will make the refund using the same payment method chosen by the CUSTOMER when purchasing the rental reservation within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal. If the payment is made by bank transfer and if the CUSTOMER intends to exercise his right of withdrawal, he must provide 3sixty, the bank details: IBAN, SWIFT and BIC necessary for the refund.

13 - COVID-19

In case you need to cancel your booking of the rental of the sport equipment due to Covid-19 you will be entitled to a full refund for the following circumstances: Official closure of the resort due to Covid-19 restrictions during the dates booked. Travel restrictions put in place by the Italian government that limit your ability to travel to the country or to the resort. Travel restrictions put in place by the government of the country of departure, limiting the possibility to get to the resort. All other reasons will not be considered a valid withdrawal reason for Covid-19 and the withdrawal rules of point 11 will apply.