E-bike online rental is now available.

Select the day and we'll take care of the rest!
Helmets are included with each rental and an expert will suggest the suitable size for you.

In addition, the more you rent, the more you save: discounts available for rentals of multiple days and for groups of more than four people.

What are you waiting for?


Have you ever tried an E-Bike?

We have and we can assure you that it is truly a wonderful experience.
To understand the difference between pedal assisted bicycles and traditional ones you have to imagine that with e-bikes any kind of track becomes flat. The pleasure of pedaling, moderate speed and even a little healthy fatigue remain, of course, but with e-bikes even the longest or most demanding routes are within everyone's reach.

Unfortunately, e-bikes also have some flaws. They are in fact still expensive and being heavier than traditional ones, also much more difficult to transport.

For these reasons the best way to try this experience is to rent them on site.

Curiosities about E-Bikes

> The electric bike is an ecological, innovative, comfortable and suitable transport system for everyone

> It does not require any specific physical preparation and offers the possibility of taking on longer itineraries

> Engine assistance is limited to 25km/h, in addition to which you can only increase speed by pedaling, or by taking advantage of the descent.

> Battery autonomy depends on the level of assistance you set on the e-bike, indicatively you can cover 1000m of altitude difference and travel over 40km, while in the "eco" setting you can exceed 80km.

The bikes we rent
are always perfect.

We take great care in the maintenance of each vehicle at the end of every ride.

This means:
- tires always at the right pressure;
- gearbox calibrated for maximum precision;
- brakes always well adjusted.

In our shop we will also be able to advise you on routes and provide you with assistance for any contingency.